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Advanced fundraising formats

Power up your fundraising efforts with dynamic page layouts built for any type of fundraising campaign. Advanced Fundraising Formats work seamlessly with all core Givebutter features and are especially effective for Giving Days, Nested Fundraising campaigns, and a unique format we call Spotlight Fundraising. All Advanced Fundraising Formats work great with Multi-Team Fundraising, too, and are the preferred method for most campaigns raising over $100,000.
Givebutter Nested Event
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Givebutter Third Party Integrations

Third-party integrations

With Givebutter, your donors can automatically sync with 1,000+ third-party services, including Mailchimp, Quickbooks, Salesforce, Google Sheets, and more. Discover new integrations, like automatically sending custom handwritten thank-you cards to every new donor who gives over a specified amount. This is just one of the countless automations you can take advantage of with Givebutter's integrations library, powered by Zapier.

Account analytics

Givebutter can help you consolidate your donations, fundraising campaigns, events, and more, with awesome reporting tools that work seamlessly across your entire account.
Givebutter Analytics
Givebutter Text-to-Donate


With text message open rates over 98% and 9 out of every 10 adults in the US owning smartphones, it's more important than ever to reach donors where they are. Text-to-Donate by Givebutter enables you to share a dedicated shortcode and phone number with your supporters from anywhere — at an event, on social media, etc. — with features like Venmo, team fundraising, and recurring donations built-in.

Custom branding

Givebutter already makes it simple to embed any campaign on your own website, and with our custom branding features, you can own the donor experience from start to finish by removing "Powered by Givebutter" from the bottom of the embedded donation form. We are launching more custom branding features soon, so stay tuned!
Givebutter Custom Branding
Givebutter Logo on Door Workspace
Max Friedman at Givebutter
Hanna Addis at Givebutter
Will Holmes at Givebutter

Priority support

Subscribing to Givebutter Pro ensures you will receive the best and fastest support we offer. In addition to our live chat support and self-serve Help Center, your messages will jump to the top of our inbox and you'll receive phone and video support when needed from the knowledgable and friendly Givebutter team. Not sure where to start? Contact us to inquire about our onboarding package where we'll actually jump into your account and get you all set up for success.


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